Saturday, April 23, 2016

Raglans, Raglans, Raglans...

A while back, I won some fabric from JoyFits a fabric shop in the Netherlands. 
Having a very Dutch background, and also having heard of the great quality of Euro knits, I was super excited to get some fabric from the Netherlands. 
Like, really excited. 

But, I had no idea what to choose. They have so many fun choices--how could I chose only 1.5 meters?! 
The kids came to the rescue, and each one of the oldest 4 chose their favorite print. It was super convenient that the older boys chose the same print. 

The plan initially was to make just the front panel in these fabrics, but when Marloes emailed that the fabric with the steer heads had some paint spots on it, and she'd include a whole meter, I had enough to make the boys a whole shirt out of the fabric. 
(And, I looked, but I could not find any paint spots on it, after if they were/are there they are so inconspicuous that I haven't noticed them yet!) 

These fabrics are super soft, and after countless washings, they still look just as good. 
For the two older boys' shirts, I used the Rascal Raglan from Ottobre. 
For the youngest boy I used the raglan from the Sewing for Boys (affiliate link) book.

I have some fabric yet to use for my oldest daughter and depending how I use it, I may be able to whip something up for my youngest daughter as well. 
I'm a little intimidated because my oldest daughter wants a dress and I have 1/2 meter of the fabric. 
We'll see what I come up. 
In the meantime the boys are enjoying these shirts. 
Thanks for the great prize, Marloes! 

You can get the Monkeys here but it looks like the Steers are gone. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Polo and Pants x3

My boys all have new Sunday outfits for the spring and summer.
After sewing up the penguin polo, I was inspired to make all three boys somewhat matching outfits.
Polo shirts and linen pants.
The shirts are all made using Jalie 3137.
I really like how this shirt sews up, at least for the sizes I did.
(I know some people have had some trouble with the fit not accommodating a toddler tummy.)

Fabrics used for the two other polo shirts are from my stash--one is from Girl Charlee that I bought quite some time ago. The brown argyle is from a Facebook destash site.

For the pants, I ordered some Essex Linen from Fabric Spot and I used the Butler Britches pattern from Brownie Goose. I opted to leave off the cuffs, and I modified the pants by cutting the pattern in half to insert side pockets in the seam. The boys wanted front pockets, and the pattern doesn't include them, so I had to fiddle with that a bit.

 Overall I'm quite happy with how their outfits turned out.
They'll be all dressed in their Sunday long as the pants don't get holes.
My boys were pretty happy about their new clothes and also quite the bunch to try to photograph.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mabel Madison Boys Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Mabel Madison's Boy Blog Tour--Duds for Dudes! 
My boys don't get nearly as much as my girls. It's often more fun to sew for the girls as the fabric is pretty, the dresses are pretty, and they just look so pretty when they dance around in their new dresses. 
But, boys need clothes too, and how much more fun is it to sew boy's clothes when the fabric is cool!

I was super excited to try out some Birch Organics knit from Mabel Madison.
I had heard great things about them and I'm not disappointed with the Murre Grey (looks like it's all sold out) that I received--it definitely fits into the cool category. 
(Yes, I received the fabric for free, but all opinions are my own.) 

I chose to make a polo shirt from the Jalie 3137 pattern
It'll be perfect as a Sunday shirt for summer, along with some navy linen pants I plan to make yet.

This fabric is so soft and cozy in the inside, and yet, because it's a cotton it's breathable.
Plus, the print is gorgeous--I didn't want to cut into it.
I used some snaps instead of buttons as I did not want to mess up the lovely placket, and my son voted for snaps as well.  

Unfortunately for my son, the snow is all melted, so he couldn't pose in something that resembled the penguins natural habitat. 

Make sure to stop by all the other amazing stops on the tour! 

Mabel Madison is really thrilled to host a week-long blog tour focused on sewing for BOYS! Every day this week, you'll have a chance to visit with a few of our friends and see what they have made for their boys. Here are today's stops:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Baby Boy Banner

I was way behind in baby gifts. I mean way behind. 
My friend Jess over at Gracious Threads had a baby boy almost a year ago now.
I finally thought of a suitable gift. 
Sad, I know. 
But, what do you make for someone who can sew better than you?! 

When this idea popped in my head, I even asked her what color scheme she likes. 
And, then I chose two sets of fabric from my stash and asked which one she liked better. 
Yeah, I know--it's pretty sad when you have to get their input on a gift. 

I am very pleased with how it turned out. 
And, if it's hanging on the wall, there's less chance she'll inspect the seams. Ha! 
(right Jess?!) ;) 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Blog Tour: Camille Dress

(*This post contains affiliate links (as do most of my posts). Thank-you for supporting my blog by using these links!*)

Welcome to an Easter Blog Tour, where a number of bloggers have come together and sewn up Easter outfits.
I don't usually sew specific Easter dresses--they're usually spring dresses as I'm a rather practical lady. In fact, a spring dress often morphs into a summer dress and then a fall dress and with the right layering, a winter dress.

This is one of those dresses.
It looks great with a sweater or cardigan layered over it for winter, or colder spring and fall days.
It also looks great on its own--as a spring and summer dress.
May I introduce you to the Camille Dress from Lily Bird Studio?

My daughter absolutely loves that it is a longer style dress, and I do too!
The dress also comes with pretty flutter sleeves that add a very feminine touch.
My daughter chose the invisible zipper closure since she didn't have 'any zipper dresses!' but there is also a button closure option.

Also, the amount of fabric that is gathered makes this dress great for spinning and twirling.
There is also an option for a tie at the waist, but I chose not to add that--my daughter likes to climb trees and other things like that and I don't want her getting strung up with the ties.
A contrasting strip of fabric peeks through between the bodice and skirt, tying the colors of the dress together. 

I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and I'll be using this pattern again--I'm already making plans.

And, a surprise! Camille from Lily Bird Studio has offered my readers (that means you!) 20% off your entire purchase using the code: FABULOUSCAMILLE 
It's good for today and tomorrow (March 30th and 31st) on the Lily Bird Studio website only! 

Make sure to stop by all these other blogs for some more Easter sewing!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Easter Sewing and the Perfect Petal Purse Pattern

I'm over on the Swhetty Bettie's Blog with an Easter/Spring version of the Perfect Petal Purse Pattern!
Plus, there's a mini blog tour for the day, featuring this pattern as well, so make sure to follow the links through to the other blogs as well. 

And, as a bonus, there is a giveaway happening along with a coupon code. 
But, you'll have to pop on over to find those. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bella Sunshine Designs Birthday Blog Tour

Birthday Blog Tour 2016-03

Happy Birthday to Bella Sunshine Designs!
I decided to sew up the Gabriella's Winter Coat but as more of a spring coat.

The fabric recommendations for the coat is wool or wool blends.
I used a linen fabric I found at the second hand shop in the form of a curtain for the main fabric, and a flannel for the lining so there is some warmth and coziness to the coat for those cool spring days. 

I love how the inside is put together--there is a back pleat that provides ease of movement and a bit of give in the lining. And, there is not a raw edge to be seen inside--which I love!

 I decided to unpick a different seam so that I wouldn't have to slip stitch the lining shut. I just had to top-stitch around the outside of the coat to close the small opening I made on one of the front panels.
I also didn't open the three inner button holes--I just sewed the buttons on top of those, so that it looks like they're buttoned up, so that my daughter won't have to button up 6 buttons--only 3. 

Since it's not spring here yet, just somewhat spring-like weather as the temperature hovers around 0 degrees, it looks like a rather wintry back drop for a spring coat, but that's all I had to work with, and no kids were frozen in the picture-taking process. 

Make sure to hop over and buy your copy of the Gabriella's Winter Coat
Also, see what else people have sewn up today.

Bella Sunshine Designs Birthday Blog Tour

Featured Bloggers:


Birthday Blog Tour 2016-04

Prize Number 1:

Bella Sunshine Designs - 2 Patterns of Choice 
Once Upon A Yard / Sew It Seams Facebook Group - Grab Bag of 7 yards of fabric

Prize Number 2 (Just for the USA):

Birthday Blog Tour 2016-10

Bella Sunshine Designs - 2 Pattern of Choice
  Bethany Lane - 3 Sets of "Cute as a Button" wooden buttons (30 buttons total)

Prize Number 3:

Bella Sunshine Designs - 2 Patterns of Choice 
Sofilantjes Patterns - 2 Patterns of Choice 
Knot Sew Normal - 1 Pattern of Choice 
Muffin Head Patterns - Any 1 pattern up to $12.00 
Itch To Stitch - 1 Pattern of Choice 
Rachel Rossi - Squared Fashion Wrap Sewing Pattern 
FABulous Home Sewn - 1 Pattern of choice 
Seaside Notions - 1 pattern of choice 
Laela Jeyne Patterns - Pattern of choice (excludes bundles)
  Pickle Toes Patterns - 1 Pattern of choice.

Enter the giveaway:

Hurry, the giveaway ends on Sunday, February 28th at midnight!

Celebration Sales:

Mabel Madison - 10% off their website with coupon code BELLABIRTHDAY until February 29th. Sew It Seams - 15% off their website with coupon code BELLASUN until February 29th. And of course, you can get 40% off all Bella Sunshine Designs patterns on our website until February 29th. No coupon code needed! Ready for one more surprise? Check the Bella Sunshine Designs's website on Friday for a new release or two!
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